This Day in History

London Police Kill Commuter, Sparking Furor (2005)
The day before this controversial police shooting, four suicide bombing attempts on London's transport system failed, sparking a massive manhunt for the escaped bombers. With the perpetrators still at large, commuters returned to the tube. On July 22, police at the Stockwell tube station shot and killed 27-year-old Jean Charles de Menezes, whom they mistook for suspected bomber Hussain Osman. What police protocol for dealing with suspected suicide bombers was criticized after the tragic mistake? Discuss

Marie Besnard Charged with Multiple Murders (1949)
Between 1927 and 1947, 13 of Besnard's family members and friends died under mysterious circumstances, and she became a wealthy woman by inheriting their fortunes. She gave bizarre explanations for some of the deaths, such as claiming that two people had eaten lye they mistook for a dessert. Her second husband remarked that he thought she was poisoning him, prompting the police to investigate his death. When they exhumed his body, they found arsenic. Why was Besnard acquitted of murder charges?

Transylvanian Noble György Dózsa Roasted and Eaten as Punishment (1514)
Known for his wartime valor, Dózsa was tasked with leading an army for Pope Leo X's crusade in 1514. Though he assembled some 100,000 peasants, plans for the crusade were suddenly suspended. The peasants refused to disband, deciding instead to avenge mistreatment by their landlords. Rebellion quickly became full-scale revolution, with Dózsa's troops murdering nobles and burning castles. When the peasants were finally stopped at Temesvár, he was tortured in what bizarre way before being eaten?